Trendy wallpaper for walls 2019

Trendy wallpaper for walls 2019

Trendy wallpaper for walls 2019

Modern wallpapers are distinguished by their attractive appearance and functionality. With the right material, you can hide the unevenness of the walls, and visually change the dimensions of the room. To choose the right trendy wallpaper in 2018-2019, you need to study the latest design trends.

Characteristics of materials

Various materials are used for the manufacture of wallpaper. A huge assortment allows you to choose the best option for the realization of design ideas.

Demand for previously popular paper canvases has dropped significantly. Despite the low cost, buyers stopped choosing this type of material due to its fragility and poor quality.

Consumers increasingly prefer other types of wallpaper:

  • Vinyl sheets have a long service life, high quality indicators, are easy to clean and are harmless to health, but their cost is higher than paper counterparts;
  • Non-woven wallpaper is no less in demand. They are distinguished by high strength, a wide range. Cloths are issued both with the applied image, and under painting. Pasting technology involves applying glue directly to the surface;
  • Liquid wallpaper is an ecological material, applied like plaster, as a result of which there are no butt joints left on the surface. The mixture can be monophonic, interspersed or sparkled;
  • Textile fabric is obtained by combining paper and non-woven fabric. The covering possesses properties of a sound insulation and passes air. Due to these indicators, buyers often choose this material.
  • Prints and drawings

    The image on the wallpaper should correspond to the wishes of the owners of the home and become an accent in the stylistic idea. Designers offer several interesting ideas, the use of which will make the room original.

    Plant motifs

    Natural motifs can be expressed in different ways: in the form of an image of a flowering garden, a tropical or deciduous forest, a park alley. The image of nature has many options:

    • wild jungle;
    • Blooming bouquets in vases or pots;
    • Exotic plants, their foliage or flowers.

    Such decor will fill the room with bright rich colors. To create a harmonious design with such wallpapers, you should opt for a neutral color of the flooring.

    Tree patterns on gray wallpaper in the bedroom

    Floral patterns on the wallpaper

    geometric lines

    This year, a separate niche is allocated to canvases with geometric images. The main role is assigned to hexagons and honeycombs. The use of such wallpapers allows you to visually balance the space, make it harmonious and holistic. The pattern on the wallpaper is duplicated in furniture upholstery or textiles. Honeycombs are able to revive even the most boring interior, divide it into functional zones.

    For lovers of experiments and bold decisions, manufacturers have released canvases with multi-colored geometric shapes: rhombuses, triangles and zigzags. The wall, pasted over with such material, will become the accent of the room and will attract views.

    Solid geometric shapes on a dark background will perfectly fit into the glamorous retro style and will be an excellent backdrop for pieces of furniture made in a classic style.

    Floral ornament

    For several years now, images of flowers have been at the peak of modern. The English style in the interior with rose bushes on the walls is very popular. To enable consumers to choose the right design, manufacturers produce canvases with flowers of various sizes – from small ornaments to bright colors of the maximum size. Exotic flowers, blurry garden flowers, like a watercolor drawing, picturesque bouquets – any of these options will look appropriate in the interior of the home.

    Animal prints

    The image of animals fits perfectly into the interior of any living room. To do this, you must responsibly approach the choice of colors and patterns. Special attention deserves canvases in retro style. They fill the room with elegance and sophistication. On such wallpaper, animals are scattered over the entire surface, without ornate details.

    Prints with butterflies, fish and colorful birds are designed to draw attention to a specific wall or area in the room. The same goes for wild animals. As an accent, large-sized images of animals made with graphic lines look original. A clearly defined profile of a fox, deer or wolf will emphasize the space behind the head of the bed or the back of the sofa. Great idea for a minimalist space.

    Imitation of natural materials

    For those who dreamed of an apartment with a brick wall, but could not afford it due to material and labor costs, there is an excellent way out – wallpaper with imitation of brickwork. From afar, such canvases cannot be distinguished from natural material. Imitation can be for any natural material: wood, stone, concrete or marble, and even snakeskin. An unusual solution for wall decoration in the hall or in the kitchen.

    And what about colors?

    This year, the priority for designers is a complex color scheme: shades of olive and green, eggplant, aquamarine. In modern renovation, collections are often used in which bright colors predominate: yellow, chocolate, pink, turquoise and yellow. Such a range is able to bring positive notes to any interior.

    Due to its uniqueness and durability, photo wallpapers have won a new wave of popularity. It is worth forgetting about the paper images of nature that used to be found in apartments. You can add coziness and warmth to an urban living room with the help of canvases with a fireplace, and imitation of bookshelves will fill the atmosphere with aristocracy and luxury.

    A floral motif will fill the room with natural calm and freshness. To make the space look harmonious, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. In a small bedroom, wallpaper in a small flower will look great, and the wall of a spacious living room will be decorated with large flowers in combination with plain pastel-colored canvases that match the design.

    Abstraction in any color performance will look good. For the youth style, you can choose multi-colored figures, the minimalist style will be complemented by a wall with clear geometric lines of silver color on a dark background. Properly selected colors and prints will help visually expand a small room and highlight a certain part of the room if necessary.

    Contrasting black and white wallpapers remain in high esteem among designers. This wall decoration is suitable for any room, including a bathroom and a room for a baby. White furniture against their background looks more advantageous, and black figures of animals or plants will decorate the nursery and attract the attention of the child.

    Modern tendencies

    Wall wallpapers surprise with their diversity. When buying a finishing material, attention is paid not only to quality characteristics, but also to aesthetic qualities. The range is quite wide and in order to keep up with the times, it is worth taking a closer look at several options:

  • 3D format. With the help of 3D printing, ordinary wallpapers have been transformed into large-format images. With their help, bookshelves, imitation brickwork or a bamboo grove look realistic, transforming the space. Looking at the wallpaper from certain angles, you can observe different pictures. 3D wallpapers are durable, environmentally friendly and high cost. On sale there are fluorescent canvases and with backlight. With their help, you can break the space or recreate the atmosphere of a flowering garden in your living room;
  • Gradient wallpaper. Spectacular and bright wallpapers, on which there is a smooth transition of color from bright to a calmer shade. Such canvases look harmonious in a room with laconic furniture. Walls with this finish will make the room lighter and more airy;
  • Metallized wallpapers belong to the elite class of finishing materials. An image similar to the foil surface is applied to a paper or non-woven base. Such a coating can be either plain or with a printed image (mainly geometric shapes). Cloths have a lot of advantages, the main of which can be considered their versatility – the ability to use for finishing any room in the apartment.
  • Wallpaper combination. One of the most popular solutions in recent years. Used for emphasis. For example, in the dining area in the kitchen, or on the wall above the bed in the bedroom. Can be applied to any room, regardless of its size. There are many different combinations. For an example, see photo.

    Geometric patterns combined with plain wallpaper in the dining area

    Wallpaper combination: floral print + gray wallpaper

    Green metallic with a three-dimensional pattern with gray wallpaper. Suitable for a medium sized living room kitchen.

    Colored wallpaper, framed against the background of plain walls.

  • Monochromatic wallpapers are becoming popular in apartments whose owners choose a minimalist style. Also used in combination with other types of finishes. Paintings, curtains, flowers and other interior items can serve as bright accents.

    The photo shows an example of a plain beige wallpaper. Harmoniously combined with a white wall and paintings on the wall.

    Beige wallpaper in the bathroom. Serves as a backdrop for a calm atmosphere of relaxation.

    Dark plain wallpaper in the hall. Classic in every detail.

    Cosiness against the background of plain walls. Minimalist kitchen.

    Light, relaxed atmosphere against the background of blue wallpaper in combination with beige in a small pattern

  • Popular manufacturers offer a huge selection of canvases, among which each buyer will be able to choose modernable colors, prints and suitable materials for themselves.

    Stylish wallpaper

    This group includes beautiful wallpapers for walls that fit neatly into the overall interior of the apartment.

    The overall image of the room merges together.

    Style can be traced in every detail.

    In recent years, it has become modernable to classify “Swedish wallpaper style” as stylish.

    Fashion wallpapers: photos in the interior of real apartments

    See our photo selection and get inspired. The most daring ideas, amazing colors + classic options.

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