Unusual wallpaper in the room in a modern style

Unusual wallpaper in the room in a modern style

Unusual wallpaper in the room in a modern style

Many are familiar with the state when, having conceived repairs in the house, you doubt what to do next. One of the difficult tasks is choosing beautiful wallpapers. This direction in the interior is characterized by a variety of colors, materials and textures. For home owners, it is important that the wallpaper is modern, memorable and matches the mood of the inhabitants of the room in which they will be. When choosing wallpaper in a modern style for a room, in order not to get confused in the abundance of materials presented, it is necessary to pay attention to each part of the house separately.

Wallpaper in the living room in a modern style

Wallpaper for the living room is selected taking into account the individuality of the owner and the atmosphere that he wants to create in this room. Designers pay a lot of attention to:

  • the size of the room;
  • illumination level;
  • geometric shape.

On a note!

This is important, because their color scheme, texture and width can significantly change these parameters.

The following types are suitable for walls:

  • Paper wallpaper. They do not need special care, they are quite easy to glue. The material allows you to use a variety of colors and patterns. The cost is also out of the question. It is possible to maneuver from inexpensive models to more extravagant ones.
  • Natural wallpaper. Long-forgotten technologies are coming to the surface. Bamboo, fabric, layers of leather and even dry plants mixed in special solutions are gaining popularity again. Such wallpapers are considered ecological, wear-resistant and give the interior originality.
  • Wallpaper coated with aluminum foil. Such metal reflects light well, making the living room brighter. The coating can be applied with a pattern or embossed. The choice of shades is small – from golden to silver. But the component itself makes the wallpaper unique and memorable.
  • The liquid wallpaper. The principle of application is the same as that of plaster. The composition includes cellulose, dyes, an adhesive element and additional decorative substances in the form of sparkles, mother-of-pearl chips, sawdust and other things. They are good for lovers of textured, embossed walls without patterns.
  • In 2020-2021, designers prefer to use natural materials or progressive novelties for the living room.

    What wallpaper in a modern style to choose for the bedroom

    The bedroom is one of a person’s favorite places. It is in this room that you can feel comfortable, relax and recharge with new energy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the walls.


    Color should not dominate this space, but only slightly envelop it.

    Experts advise to purchase wallpaper without drawings, so that nothing interferes with the rest. (Moderately) geometric shapes are allowed. As for the views, the following options are suitable for the bedroom:

  • Non-woven wallpaper. They are denser than ordinary paper ones. Holds heat well. They have a softer texture. The wallpapers are covered with a delicate shell, it is pleasant to touch them, there are no irritating factors for the skin. In addition, experts emphasize important properties in them – moisture resistance, strength and environmental friendliness.
  • Vinyl wallpapers. Well give in to a sink since the top moisture resistant layer is covered with a vinyl film. The bottom layer is made of interlining, which gives additional strength. On such wallpapers, you can dream up with abstract patterns, creating the illusion of outer space. They also reflect and refract light well.
  • Fabric options. Popular several centuries ago, they become relevant in the present. The bedroom creates a special atmosphere of tenderness. They are well breathable and have a wide variety of textures – from linen to silk. Despite the difficulty in gluing, they serve for a long time. Modern materials allow not to fade in the sun.
  • Acrylic. They are durable. By analogy with vinyl, they are covered with a layer of acrylic. They don’t shine as much, but they shimmer. Refracting about them, the light becomes softer and lulling.
  • On a note!

    The last ones on the list are heavy wallpapers. Need special glue to attach to walls. Not so actively pass air, but retain heat well.

    Interesting wallpaper options for young people

    The younger generation is more demanding on the space around them. It is important for young people that walls have a functional meaning, emphasizing individuality, and in line with new trends. Designers have selected interesting variations that are most popular:

  • Ecology is one of the important topics for modern youth. Therefore, she prefers to choose paper wallpapers with an abstract graffiti pattern. Colors should be bright and saturated so that the interior remains relevant and does not squeeze the space. Such canvases are glued to only one wall. The rest should be kept in one tone and have pastel shades, or be white.
  • Variations with frivolous, playful drawings or funny inscriptions look interesting. They depict hares, multi-colored caramel, fruit slices, unicorns, playful expressions in English. The drawings themselves are bright and contrasting, but the main background is calm, it can be pale blue, light pink or milky.
  • Vinyl wallpapers of milk chocolate color with gold embossing in the form of dudling, zentangle patterns mixed with large palm leaves look actual. They are also called anti-stress patterns. They allow a person to escape from the hustle and bustle and tune in to a creative way.
  • A wallpaper reminiscent of rice paper in texture, painted in lemon color and diluted with white. On the opposite side, you can place natural wallpaper from bamboo trunks.
  • On a note!

    Young people who are fond of oriental culture will especially appreciate the latter option.

    Wallpaper in the bedroom of a teenage girl

    Teenage girls pay attention to details and colors when choosing decor. Therefore, the designers have prepared for them a series of paintings in delicate pink, beige and emerald shades. They are painted with large fantasy flowers, like from a fairy tale about beauty and the beast, elegant shoes and accessories from a cosmetic bag or popular characters, standards of modern and beauty. For example:

    • Marilyn Monroe;
    • Edith Piaf;
    • Coco Chanel.


    It is necessary that the portrait occupies the entire space of the wall, be large and voluminous.

    You can also let your imagination run wild with washable wallpaper in white. The girl will choose the image on her own and will be able to embody it on the wall by drawing with special markers or paints. It is advisable to use paper wallpaper: they are easily removed. If the drawing gets tired over time, you can replace it with another one.

    There is one interesting option. The peach-coloured acrylic wallpaper has a full-length pattern of a fairy elf on the wall. The adjacent wall is pasted over with white non-woven wallpaper with a relief imitating brick laying. The rest of the walls are also covered with peach-colored wallpaper, but without a pattern.

    Kids Room Ideas

    Designers use wallpaper. It is possible to depict anything on them. From heroes of modern fairy tales to characters from the Soviet era.

    Relevant are photo wallpapers with:

    • transformer robots;
    • dolls in bright dresses;
    • images of animals.


    You can also stick fiberglass wallpaper on one of the walls. They will play the role of the board. Children will be able to draw on them any image and easily erase with a special sponge.

    It is actual to use in children’s options made of fabric with plush elements. They can take the form of muzzles of animals – cubs, kittens, chickens. Children love bright colors in the interior and are unpretentious in the material. Therefore, you can give free rein to your imagination when choosing wallpaper for a nursery.

    What will be the wallpaper in the house depends on the mood of the owners and the style they adhere to. To choose what you have in mind and not spend a lot of time in a tedious search, you can buy them in large interior stores, for example, in Leroy Merlin. In such outlets, you can choose inexpensive, but sophisticated options.

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