Wallpaper for the bedroom: 45 photo ideas for a small room

Wallpaper for the bedroom: 45 photo ideas for a small room

Wallpaper for the bedroom: 45 photo ideas for a small room

Wallpaper affects the visual perception of the walls. With their help, it is possible to visually increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and adjust its geometry. The combination of cold and warm shades, light and dark tones allows you to deceive your eyesight and create unexpected special effects. Today we will talk about how to do this in a small room using wallpaper. See modern ideas for a small bedroom.

Features – what is possible and what is not?

Everyone answers this question based on their own beliefs and tastes. However, there are certain rules that allow you to make a small bedroom cozy and spacious.

  • Use gentle light colors. Dark shades will narrow the walls, and the bedroom will appear smaller than it really is. Bright blotches are acceptable, but to a very limited extent.
  • Pay attention to reflective wallpaper. A layer of foil and blotches of glitter will fill the room with additional light.
  • Mirror wallpaper can and should be used. However, do not place the mirrors opposite each other.
  • A large pattern looks good in spacious bedrooms. In small ones, it greatly narrows the space. Give preference to small print.
  • Wide stripes accentuate short or low walls. If you want stripes, check out the Missoni-style colors. Stripes of various widths in harmonious colors will help to diversify the interior and at the same time get rid of the shortcomings of the classic stripe.
  • In the presence of high cabinets, it is better to choose plain wallpaper without a pronounced pattern. In this case, they will serve as a good neutral background for other interior elements.

What to do if you want a bright contrast?

First of all, you need to carefully work out a sketch of the future interior. This will allow you to see in advance which techniques will look appropriate, and which are best avoided.

In most cases, you can select one of the four walls for accent decoration. With this approach, three walls are pasted over with plain wallpaper without a print or with a small inconspicuous pattern.

We have prepared a separate article on how to combine wallpapers of different colors in the bedroom – “Combined wallpaper for the bedroom – new photo”

The fourth wall is fully or partially completed. A different shade or wallpaper is used. The work is done on the principle of creating a fresco or bas-relief. Those. the contrasting area must be enclosed in a kind of frame, give it a frame. This will help to avoid the effect of cheapness and simplicity.

If the room is decorated in a modern style, ornate baguettes and stucco will look out of place. In this case, you can use simple smooth polished rails.

When you want to emphasize the structure of the material, go over the surface with a stiff metal brush. She will select some of the fibers, bringing out the beauty of natural wood. After that, with a long-haired brush, apply dark paint to the slats and, without waiting for them to dry, wipe with a soft cloth.

The paint will emphasize the unique texture and relief of the material. This design is suitable for modern, eco-style, Provence. Hi-tech welcomes a smooth surface and varnish.

It is advisable to place accent areas at the head of the bed or near the sofa. However, it is not forbidden to transfer them to the opposite wall.

2019 Trends

The Chinese calendar dictates fashion in the coming year. Comfort and simplicity is the motto of the Yellow Dog. How does this affect wallpapering?

For the bedroom, choose models that are easy to care for. During the year, a large amount of dust and pathogens are deposited on the walls.

In the good old days, housewives whitewashed the walls every summer, washing off the old coating and applying a new one. Since the invention of wallpaper, our compatriots change their wall decor about once every 5 years. Since we spend at least 8 hours a day in the bedroom, it is important to keep the walls clean.

For this purpose, any coating that can be cleaned with at least a dry brush is suitable. Ideally, walk once a year with a damp cloth. It is fabulous if the material can be washed without fear that it will become sour. In the children’s room, the issue of hygiene is especially acute.

Traditional approach

Paper models remain relevant, while maintaining the traditional affordability. A rich selection of colors and textures allows you to choose the right option for any style.

Vinyl coating is good in cases where you need to hide minor flaws made during puttying. The pronounced texture allows you to smooth out irregularities and roughness with a grain size of up to 2 mm.


The bright texture of bamboo wallpaper is great for an accent wall. At the same time, choose models with small stems.

Mirror wallpaper

The mirror backing will serve as a good reflective element. This coating is absolutely safe because it does not contain a single gram of glass. The desired effect is provided by a layer of aluminum foil coated with a transparent varnish. The desired pattern is applied on top of it.

What do you need to know about this cover?

  • Afraid of scratches.
  • Requires perfectly flat walls.
  • Excellent resistance to damp and wet cleaning.
  • It is glued to compositions for heavy wallpaper and keeps perfectly for at least 5 years.
  • Easily tolerates ultraviolet and retains richness of color.

Suitable for modern, classic, bionic, techno style. Refrain from covering the entire room with mirrored sheets. It is better to take one of the walls for them.

It should be borne in mind that at a subconscious level, the brain perceives your reflection as the presence of another person. Therefore, during sleep, part of the subconscious will be on the alert to avoid potential danger. As a result, disturbing and insufficiently deep sleep.

Perhaps for this reason, Feng Shui does not recommend using mirrors near the bed. Designate a place for this decor that does not allow you to see your own reflection when you lie on the bed.

Stretch wallpaper – down with adhesive mixtures, plasters and putties!

PVC film is suitable not only for the ceiling. It can also cover walls. Of course, if this is not a children’s room, where young researchers live, armed with an awl and scissors. Stretch wallpaper is a great alternative to paper, vinyl and glass coatings.

  • A single piece of canvas is used. There are no seams.
  • Ample opportunities for photo printing and a hidden backlight system.
  • There is no need to level the walls and apply numerous layers of plaster and putty.
  • Fast installation. No need to use glue.
  • The presence of high-quality fabric imitations. In this case, the surface can be washed and cleaned with detergents.


Small artificial “fur” in the form of grass is good as a wall carpet. Such a coating is appropriate in ecostyle and bionics. It will also make friends with Mediterranean village motifs. In collaboration with seamless wallpaper made of cellulose, it will help to create a panel of stunning beauty.

Used as an accent material.


Amazing wallpapers have been developed that change color when heated. It is enough to touch the surface with your hand, and the imprint of your palm will be reflected on the wall. And in the presence of a heater, delicate flowers will bloom on the imprinted vine.

Such novelties will fit well into the interior of the bedroom, as they will help control the temperature. No need to get up and look at the thermometer. Just look to see if the jasmine blossom has crumbled on the trellis.

mysterious glow

The effect of the starry sky is supported by glowing nebulae and abstract patterns. Light-accumulative paint in skillful hands can transform ordinary nondescript canvases into outlandish gardens and extraterrestrial worlds. Children are very fond of such special effects. Glowing wallpapers will help them develop their imagination.

Your own master

Canvases that allow you to color them yourself, come up with new prints and textures are an ideal solution for those who constantly require change.

In this case, vinyl stickers will help you. Cover the walls with neutral wallpaper. And stick colorful vinyl images on top of them. They are presented in a huge assortment. And if the store did not find anything suitable, it is enough to contact any advertising agency, where everything that you order will be made to order for you. Fortunately, professionals have been using self-adhesive for 20 years for any standard and non-standard situations.

New and old materials can be perfectly combined and mixed in one project. In this case, it is worth considering the thickness of the materials, their color and style. If you doubt your own design abilities, pay attention to ready-made collections. Do not use more than three models in one room.

If you want to get a really stylish and thoughtful interior, contact experienced designers who will not only select the right materials, but also make sure that all work is done in accordance with the project.

In this case, you will get a really stylish and comfortable bedroom, no matter how many square meters it occupies.

Photos of new wallpaper for the bedroom:

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