Wallpaper for the bedroom – 97 photos of new products in the interior

Wallpaper for the bedroom - 97 photos of new products in the interior

Wallpaper for the bedroom – 97 photos of new products in the interior

It’s time to update the walls and choose the finish? Then we invite you to familiarize yourself with our photo selection of interiors: wallpaper for the bedroom in 2019. Information about modern shades, fashionable materials, various textures will make your trip to the store more thoughtful. So, let’s begin.

Varieties of wallpaper

To make the right choice of wallpaper, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

1. Paper wallpaper

Wallpaper made of paper has a rich selection of colors and patterns, but has a short service life. The cheapest finishing material that is suitable for cosmetic repairs is an economy option. In a couple of years, the paper will lose its original appearance under the influence of sunlight, dust and humidity.

The best choice for those who share a room with small children practicing wallpaper patterns. Wallpapers fall into this category.

2. Vinyl wallpaper

The composition of vinyl wallpaper includes a base of textile or paper and a surface layer containing plastic. The front side has a smooth, embossed, foamed, matte, combined or glossy texture.

The characteristic qualities of the material are elasticity, long service life (up to 15 years), strength, the possibility of staining and wet cleaning, the ability to absorb sounds. The material also has a minus: it contains synthetic resins that prevent the penetration of air and steam, respectively, the room is not ventilated.

3. Non-woven wallpaper

A flexible web consisting of two intertwined cellulose fibers. The microporous texture makes the wallpaper environmentally friendly and durable. Large selection of colors and patterns. If you purchase material without sprayed vinyl, it can be painted in the future.

4. Textile wallpaper

Walls pasted over with such wallpaper have the texture of various fabrics. The room looks elegant and expensive, but the material will have to prepare for difficulties during work and constant cleaning of the walls from dust in the future.

5. Glass fiber

Environmentally friendly thin fiberglass sheets have a long service life and can be painted up to 10 times. The pasting process will not cause problems, since the material is easily attached to the surface.

6. Liquid wallpaper

They may vary in composition, color and inclusions. The ecological purity of the material depends on the additives. Easily damaged, but repair is quite simple.

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Modern trends of 2019

The choice of color for finishing the bedroom must be approached with all responsibility. In this room you have to relax after a hard day’s work, and in the morning – recharge with energy and positive. Therefore, it is worth deciding which of these criteria is more important.

If a calm sleep is a priority, then it is better to give preference to calm pastel shades. If there is a need for morning motivation for a working day, then it is better to purchase wallpaper in a rich, bright color.

This year, interior designers have gradually moved away from beige in the bedroom. Despite its versatility, other interesting options have got into the treasury of modern solutions:

  • Dazzling white walls create a cozy atmosphere of tranquility. This color looks perfect in a combination of furniture of any shade. Against the background of white walls, even bed textiles will look like a bright accent. In combination with dark flooring, an original and beautiful interior is obtained;
  • The second fashion trend, the opposite of the first, is black walls. Lovers of dark shades should be aware that black wallpaper will visually reduce the room. Therefore, this option is not suitable for small bedrooms. But even if there is a large area, only one wall is distinguished with black wallpaper;
  • A black-wallpapered wall needs stylish companions. This role will be perfectly played by gray canvases (they can be striped or patterned). A fluffy gray rug and proper lighting will give a finished look to the interior;
  • For those who follow fashion trends, it is worth taking a closer look at the wallpaper for the bedroom with imitation of natural stones, lining or boards. In this case, all walls can be finished with material, or only one, for example, at the head of the bed;
  • Still remains at the peak of the blue color. Experts advise to take a closer look at its shades (blue, turquoise), since the blue color is cold and not very suitable for the bedroom. There is a way out of the situation – the use of several shades of the same color;
  • The green color, beloved by psychologists and stylists, also does not give up its positions. This color promotes relaxation, rest and a positive attitude. In the sleeping room, both plain canvases and those with floral or floral motifs are suitable;
  • Pink has been at the top of the top for more than a year. The actual color for the women’s room. The choice is made in favor of pastel shades from pale pink to gray-pink.

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And what color to choose?

When choosing a color scheme for a bedroom, it is necessary to take into account its location. In the presence of a large amount of natural light, you can choose cold tones:

  • Blue;
  • Violet;
  • Mint.

With a lack of sunlight, the wallpaper should be in warm colors so that the room is cozy and comfortable:

  • Yellow;
  • Light green;
  • Coffee with milk.

For lovers of extraordinary solutions, designers offer wallpaper for painting. They will allow you to create a unique interior, and give the walls a velor texture. At the same time, there should be a minimum number of decorative elements. Interior stylists insist on plenty of light and free space in the room.

Plain canvases

Plain wallpaper for the bedroom is suitable for creating a discreet or minimalist design. Given the fashion trends in recent years, this trend will not become obsolete for a long time. Canvases without patterns allow you to focus on the bed and textiles in the room.

Background wallpaper should have a calming effect on the brain and promote relaxation. Colorists offer several colors:

  • Shades of beige and brown;
  • Grey;
  • Olive;
  • Pistachio.

Wallpaper with drawings

Many apartment owners are not ready to give up floral motifs on the walls, no matter what the fashion industry dictates. Small flowers on the walls enliven the interior, cheer up and make the room brighter.

However, designers are advised to give preference to abstraction and geometric patterns for those who are not ready to dwell on plain canvases. In this case, it is important to show a sense of proportion: if bright colors are chosen, then it is better to paste over one wall with them, and for the whole room, the print should be calm and unobtrusive.

Wallpaper combinations of two types

It is not the first season that the main option for combining wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom is the selection of one of the walls. Basically, the accent wall is the surface behind the head of the bed. This technique allows you to visually highlight the main piece of furniture and at the same time not disturb the calm atmosphere. Dark wallpaper in this area will not interfere with sleep, as it will remain out of sight.

If you are not a design specialist, then it is better to choose the material for the accent and the main finish from the same collection. This will protect you from ridiculous combinations of color and texture. It cannot be said that such an interior will turn out to be original and unique, but harmonious and cozy – yes.

A great idea for a bedroom is to use wallpaper in two colors.

At the same time, the duet “white + favorite color” is most often used.

Often, photo wallpapers are used in combination with plain wallpaper.

Confident in their design abilities, bedroom owners can use a combination of ordinary wallpaper with paint, decorative plaster, paneling or liquid wallpaper.

The color accent does not have to be located on all wall surfaces. It is possible to select only a zone along the width of the headboard with a transition to the ceiling. This technique visually enlarges the room, looks spectacular and does not require large financial costs.

It is much more difficult to pick up companions for wallpaper located only in the upper half of the wall. In this case, the lower part of the surface is finished with wall panels, and the upper part with the selected material. The idea is relevant for families with children and animals. The lower part will be protected from damage, and expensive wallpapers can be chosen for the upper plane.

There are many options for decorating walls with wallpaper. Deciding on a color scheme is not difficult, following your taste preferences and the advice of fashion experts.

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12 fashion photo examples of wallpaper in the bedroom:

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