Software for interior design online

Software for interior design online

When it comes time to repair or renovate the interior of the apartment, the owners face, at first glance, unsolvable questions. In what style to design rooms, where and how to place furniture, what color will the walls be? These and hundreds of other issues need to be resolved quickly.

Time does not stand still and it is easy to get answers to these questions. No need to pay money for the work of an architect or designer. Don’t buy expensive professional software. The time of drawing an apartment plan in checkered notebooks has irrevocably passed. There are many software freely available on the Internet. It is enough just to register on the site and all the functionality for the visitor will be available online without restrictions.

Sweet Home 3D

This is a free Russified application for planning the interior design of a room. After placing furniture and interior items on the plan, you can look at the result in 3D viewing.

Download the setup file to get started. The software interface is intuitive.

Download your house plan or draw it directly in the software. You can resize rooms, add or remove windows, doors on the virtual plan. As you drag items from one place to another, choose the best arrangement of sets and accessories. Samples of items for selection are in a separate catalog. The developer’s website has a Russian-language user manual with detailed explanations.

The application is free. Can be downloaded or used online.

Planner 5D

A simple Russified software for planning rooms, a very user-friendly interface. There are two options for working with the scheduler: start from scratch; templates.

First, register on the site, and then take on the implementation of your project online. Registration is simple: enter your email and password to access your account. Here is just a huge library of design works of the project participants. Do not think about what interior or planning to choose. Choose from the presented projects suitable and transform to suit your needs. When you point the arrow at objects in the room, they are highlighted in a different color. You can move them to another place or even put them in the basket and add your options. In order to change the size of the room, you do not need to enter them in a separate menu. Walls move or move apart with the mouse to the required size. New values ​​in centimeters appear above the dimension line.

The software provides for the design of three floors of a residential building. The choice of interior details is very large. From sofas, armchairs and beds to rugs, plants and paintings. Change the color of the parts to your liking. A paint roller appears from the drop-down menu, and there are hundreds of color options in the side menu. In addition to free interior details, there is also access to a richer library, but for money. For private use, free furniture and decor options are enough.

Room Planner is shareware. For private use, free furniture and decor options are enough. To access the libraries you need to buy a license.

Ikea home planner

An easy-to-use software from the well-known manufacturer Ikea. All information and file conversions are stored on the firm’s server. The catalog contains only furniture from this company, but even using it from an extensive library, you can get an idea of ​​​​how your room will look like. To use the software, the computer must have system requirements not lower than:

  • Processor 1000 MHz or higher.
  • Video card at least 128MB.
  • Screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • Internet data transfer speed is not less than 56 kbps.
  • Windows operating system from XP SP3 or higher.

The software also works with Mac OS X, Lion 10.7.2.

Getting started with the software couldn’t be easier. Go to the site, accept the license agreement and start working online. The software interface will open before the user.

When you hover over the icons, hints pop up. Interior items and other small details are installed on the plan by simple drag and drop. Near the object, when you hover over it, circular arrows appear. This allows you to install all interior details at any angle. There is a 3D view. The room can be rotated and look at the details from different angles.

In addition to this planner, there is another software – “IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner”. This is a highly specialized, very simple software for planning and designing kitchen furniture. The scheduler is designed for the work of non-specialists. For the first time, people will be able to make their dream project online and see their creation in 3D. In the course of designing, a list of goods necessary for completing the kitchen with prices is created. Thus, the buyer can see the preliminary cost of their fantasies.

Both software are free and work online. Drawings with plans can be printed immediately or stored on the company’s server.

Planoplan to help the designer

Another free apartment planner with a simple interface and tutorials for beginners. You can learn right away by drawing a plan of the apartment. Use tooltips as you work. When installing windows and doors, a drop-down menu appears in which you need to enter your dimensions. An additional plus is the furniture catalog. Furniture in the database from different manufacturers. Therefore, you can always find something suitable for yourself. There is a “panorama” function here. After the project is completed, take a walk around the new apartment and evaluate how it will look in real time. A nice plus is the ability to draw up an estimate for future repairs right in the software.

The software works online directly from your computer and is free.

Apartment Planner

Another apartment planner for amateurs. Click on the “Get Started” button to start designing. The principle of operation of this software is no different from others. After hovering over the object of interest, a drop-down menu appears with suggestions for editing. The furniture in the room is rearranged by drag and drop. The software works through mobile devices, there are video demonstrations of the capabilities of the “Plan” scheduler. The color of placed objects, floors, walls can be easily changed. To do this, select the appropriate color from the menu. The software is easy to learn, suitable for beginners. If you need to make an estimate for the overhaul of an apartment or house, then such an option is also presented here. The software will calculate the cost of overhaul from the prices laid down by partner stores. But the amount of costs can be estimated with some error.

There are two usage options: free and paid, which can be used online or downloaded. In order to use the software in full, you need to buy a PRO account. Here you can render projects with a 50% discount, you can cut walls, control the sun and light, and other useful things. However, you can register a PRO account for 1 hour for free.

Google Sketchup 2017

This is another assistant for planning a house or apartment. There are two versions of the software: free and paid. Free with limited functionality, but what is there is enough to develop your own project. Restrictions are set for export, import of data from one format to another. Such operations are needed by professional designers. They have a paid version of the software. This software is more complicated, but more convenient to use. It is simple with intuitive functionality and is quite suitable for beginners. To get started, you need to enter all the dimensions of the object in the parameters control panel. There is a training video with detailed explanations on how to use the software.

The software supports 3ds, dwg, obj formats. If desired, you can add your own individual elements to the library.

Google Sketchup is a free software, you need to download it to work.

For designers with advanced requirements, there is a paid version with advanced functionality.


The Russian version of PRO100 is not as simple as its name. In order to get started, you first need to download it.

Standard OS requirements:

  • processor not lower than 1500MHz;
  • RAM 1024 MB

On the hard disk, you will have to allocate at least 2 gigabytes for libraries. The functionality is simple and intuitive. The work of this software is somewhat reminiscent of Photoshop. Many effects are implemented here: anti-aliasing, glare, reflection of objects, lighting. To understand how it works, there is a demo version. There are lessons for beginners to learn.

The software is paid, for professionals.

Astron Design

In order to popularize its products, Astron has created a 3D software for potential buyers of cabinet furniture. Creating “Astron Design” for arranging furniture in an apartment, through all sorts of improvements and additions, the company created a good graphic software for novice designers. It has easy-to-learn functionality and ample opportunities for selecting the color of furniture, walls, floors.

Astron Design features:

  • choose the color of the walls or floor at your discretion;
  • quickly search for furniture or its elements in the database;
  • add or move furniture in the room;
  • quickly change the placement of furniture in the room;
  • change the finish of the facades;

For greater realism, the function of opening and closing movable furniture elements is provided. If desired, the designer can install a flower vase and other decorative elements on the nightstand or floor. The softwareprovides the ability to turn on and off fixtures, lamps, sconces.

To use the software, you need to download it for free. Softwarein Russian, free.

Interior Design 3D

Another version of the room planner. It has a very user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface. Even a beginner will cope with the beginning of the design without prompting. The software is designed for professionals. It has in its database sets of furniture with exact dimensions. This allows you to arrange interior items with millimeter accuracy. The scheduler works very quickly without freezing the computer. Projects can be saved or printed in order to choose the best option.

The software is paid for professionals. There are no obvious shortcomings.

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