What is better to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

What is better to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

What is better to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

The main design objects in the bedroom are furniture and wallpaper. Their combination must be harmonious. This allows you to make the room cozy and give it a stylish look. Depending on whether the furniture is light or dark, what color it is, the general style and design, one-color, two-color or multi-color wallpaper for the bedroom is chosen, with or without a pattern. There are certain criteria for selection and determination – what kind of shade and what kind of ornament they should have. There are also some principles on how to combine wallpaper to decorate a bedroom in a modern style with their help.

What wallpaper to glue in a bedroom with light furniture

For a bedroom with a small footage, where light furniture is placed, it is worth choosing those wallpapers whose shade is not too saturated. For such rooms, in order to make them visually more spacious, it is better to give preference to light finishes. If you take the dark ones, they will turn such a small bedroom into some kind of pantry, highlighting the lack of free space. For bedrooms with light furniture, it is worth buying wallpapers of these shades:

  • white – milky, creamy, slightly bluish;
  • light green – both cold and warm tones, it all depends on the furniture;
  • golden – not too saturated and not overly shiny;
  • peach and other shades of light orange;
  • pink – “powder”, salmon and similar light pastel colors;
  • blue – pale cornflower blue, heavenly and similar;
  • lilac gamma – faded purple, light lavender and the like;
  • light gray tones – platinum, silver (but not too shiny) and others.

When there is light furniture in the room, but at the same time the room itself is quite spacious, you can experiment a little with a combination of gentle and dark tones. But you need to be careful, because there should not be a feeling of zoning – this will not allow you to enjoy a good rest in it. Therefore, if there is a desire to use several types of wallpaper at the same time, it is better to invite a professional designer.

On a note!

It is not necessary to buy expensive wallpapers. But it’s not worth buying frankly cheap ones, because, despite their external beauty, they can be made of low-quality materials and quickly become unusable, which means a quick repair again.

What wallpaper to choose for a bedroom with dark furniture

When there is dark furniture in the bedroom, the choice of options for wallpaper is diverse. Such an indoor environment, as a rule, harmonizes well with light walls in warm colors. Therefore, it is worth focusing on wallpapers of deep colors. In fact, a win-win solution would be to choose beige or sandy saturated shades – they harmonize well with the dark environment of reds, greens and woody tones. Although a lot depends on the specific color of the furniture:

  • Furnishings in a gray shade – neutral or cold tones of the wallpaper will do. Heavenly, pale cornflower blue, gray-green, pistachio, mint, lavender, crepe, royal and pale pink, “powder”, platinum and silver shades are in harmony with such furniture.
  • The furniture is black or dark brown – a warm range is more suitable, but the cold one also harmonizes. A good option would be salmon, crepe, peach, lavender, amethyst, khaki, olive, pistachio, mustard, amber, apricot, bronze and ocher.
  • The decor is made in blue tones – if you stick “warm” wallpapers, although they will highlight the furniture, it will look quite aggressive, so you should choose cold or neutral tones for the walls. A good solution would be pale cornflower blue, lavender, “powder”, heavenly, amethyst, platinum, gray-silver, faded ash, mint, gray-green, white, gray and dusty beige, “coffee with milk”.
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    You should not take tone-on-tone wallpaper or a darker color than furniture. This will make the room visually smaller and the bedroom will look uncomfortable. It is also undesirable to choose “warm” shades for “cold” furniture – such a decision can make the latter a kind of alien element in the bedroom.

    But the reverse version looks good and generally harmonious if the colors were chosen correctly and do not conflict. When the decor is without carvings and other decorative inserts, you can take two-tone, patterned and similar types – the bedroom will not be overloaded. If there are decorations on the items, then it is worth buying “calm” wallpapers without frills.


    In order not to spoil the impression of a harmonious combination of wallpaper and dark furniture, you should not buy bedroom accessories – paintings, figurines and the like, which are out of color from the general concept of the room.

    How to combine wallpaper in the bedroom

    The basis of combining wallpaper in the bedroom is your own taste, sensations and preferences. This is due to the fact that usually no one enters the room, except for the owners and their relatives, that is, this is a separate and extremely personal space. Therefore, the bedroom should be comfortable, cozy and calm. It is good when those present have the impression that the room is filled with light and air. Wallpaper is the element that will give the room individuality, comfort and completeness of the look, so they must have some zest, the role of which can be played by the combination technique. Its main principles are as follows:

  • You can take wallpapers of the same color, but two different shades in brightness and saturation. This will allow you to make accents in the room, but will not divide the bedroom into separate zones.
  • When there are prints on different types of wallpaper, they must be of the same color and saturation in order to match each other. This solution will help to avoid congestion in the interior of the bedroom.
  • It is modernable to combine wallpaper with a print with plain colors, without any ornament. In this case, they should be of the same color so as not to drown out each other and not conflict with each other. Then for the first view it is worth choosing the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe walls that will be central. For example, stick wallpaper with a print on the wall at the head of the bed, and decorate the opposite one in plain, but the same color.
  • In the combination technique, there are several options for arranging wallpaper strips. The basic arrangements are as follows:

  • Horizontal – the stripe can be variegated or monochromatic, depending on the color of the second type of wallpaper. The classic zoning of the walls with a vertical strip implies the coincidence of its width with the borders of the bed. The height can be either up to the ceiling or go along it, even capturing some part of the opposite wall.
  • Vertical – most often this type of arrangement assumes that the lower part of the wall will be covered with wallpaper with a more expressive and dynamic ornament, and its upper area will be more moderate in color.
  • Niche design – when there is such an element and it plays a decorative role, and is not intended, for example, to install a cabinet, it is combined in style with the walls. To do this, wallpaper is glued inside the niche, similar to those used to decorate the walls of the bedroom. It can be singled out, but the room must have at least one more zone with the same design.
  • Separate inserts – such elements of wallpaper that differ from the base color are placed in the bedside area, near the table or other furniture. The shape of such an element can be different – oval, rectangular, square, etc. To achieve the effect of completeness of the composition, inserts are often framed with a baguette.
  • Attention!

    In order for the results of the combination to be successful, it is worth observing the main rule of gluing – choosing different colors or shades, you need to follow a single texture.

    For those who find it difficult to combine on their own or do not have time for this, there is an option to buy a ready-made pair, the so-called companion wallpapers. They harmonize well with each other and match in texture. They have the same color, pattern and size, while they are identical in composition, density and smoothness. One of the advantages of companion wallpapers is that they do not fade in the sun, which guarantees their long service life.

    The dependence of the choice of wallpaper on the design style

    The dependence of the choice of wallpaper on the design style

  • Modern – they should be with a modernable design, if there is an ornament, then without unnecessary elements. The material is natural and environmentally friendly. This style assumes that the wallpaper is just a background for the rest of the decor.
  • Provence – relief models with complex ornaments made in pastel colors are suitable. You can also take light monochromatic calm views.
  • Loft – neutral monochromatic soft wallpaper that will set off decorative plaster. Better without a picture, but if you really want to, then types with small and often repeating geometric shapes are suitable.
  • Country – light warm colors of wallpaper in a flower, checkered or with another discreet pattern. But they should not be shiny, as moderation and comfort are important within this style, as in a country house.
  • Japanese – the color scheme must be neutral, and the material must be natural. The main accent of the style is minimalism, so the wallpaper must match. Monochromatic dim or with thoughtful elegant, and preferably with an ethnic pattern without unnecessary details, are suitable.
  • Classic – choose wallpaper with a clear repeating ornament, its ornateness and the presence of shiny elements are acceptable. Light and expressive colors work well.
  • Minimalism – the view of the room should be as simple as possible, so any neutral wallpaper without bright accents and ornate patterns is suitable. It is optimal when there is no pattern, but it is permissible to use the combination technique to create the effect of a separate interior element using wallpaper with discreet abstraction.
  • Wallpaper is a relatively inexpensive bedroom design element that completes its overall composition. Their correct selection guarantees coziness and comfortable rest in this room. Therefore, for such a room, you should not choose options with aggressive shades – it is dark or light furniture. The main condition for a successful choice of wallpaper for the bedroom is that those who will sleep in it feel comfortable in the room. Therefore, the main criterion is personal taste and preferences.

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