What is the best way to finish the walls in the kitchen in the apartment?

What is the best way to finish the walls in the kitchen in the apartment?

What is the best way to finish the walls in the kitchen in the apartment?

If you are faced with the choice of finishing material for the kitchen, then this article has been prepared for you. Here you will learn about wall decoration options for the kitchen, their advantages and disadvantages, see design ideas in the photo.

How to decorate the walls in the kitchen?

Let’s look at the existing options to choose the best for yourself:

  • Tile. A classic for years to come. The only downside is that it’s a labor-intensive process. In order to paste over the entire kitchen with ceramics, it will take a lot of time and money.

Most often used in combination with wallpaper or whitewash, or wall painting.

Mostly tiles are applied in the area of ​​​​the apron. Read about the intricacies of choosing tiles for an apron here – https://desmyhome.ru/kuhnja/plitka-dlja-fartuka-na-kuhnju-foto-idei-i-dizajn/

  • Wallpaper. This is a great option for decorating the walls of the kitchen, despite its appearance, modern wallpapers have excellent characteristics. You can choose an option for any wallet and taste.

Liquid wallpapers are especially popular.

And wallpaper.

Read more about modern wallpaper for the kitchen here.

  • Plastic panels. A budget option that hides rough surface roughness. You can cover all the walls, or part of it.

Durable exopan PVC panels have become very popular.↓ (This is a new type of plastic, which is distinguished by reliability, quality, and moisture resistance).

  • Clapboard. It is also an inexpensive finishing material, it fits interestingly into a simple interior.
  • MDF panels. Help to hide irregularities, are a reliable covering for walls. Thanks to the variety of sizes, you can beat it in different ways. Read about the pros and cons of this material here – https://desmyhome.ru/dizajn-kvartir/paneli-mdf-dlja-sten-dlja-vnutrennej-otdelki/
  • Fiberboard panels. Easy to use and inexpensive to maintain, the material has a different coating and shape. With it, you can decorate any part of the wall.
  • Imitation stone. It has an aesthetic appearance, while a small price. Suitable for lovers of something extraordinary.

Decorative stone can be used around the entire perimeter, including the apron area.

The brick finish is very popular.

  • A natural stone. Ecological, but very expensive option. Suitable for expensive repairs that will delight their owners for many years.
  • 3D panels. They make the walls alive and unusual. Like conventional panels, they hide irregularities, bringing a sophisticated charm to the interior of the room.
  • Decorative panels. They can be very varied.

The photo shows an example of a panel with juniper cuts.

Glass panels.

  • Painted walls. At first glance, an inexpensive solution, but it requires a lot of effort to bring the wall surface to perfection. Due to high humidity, the paint may deteriorate, which will require another cosmetic update.
  • Barn wall. For this purpose, old boards are taken and the wall is covered.
  • Wall covering with laminate. Chipboard is widely used to cover any surface. Read about the pros and cons of using this material here.
  • Metal wall. One of the innovations of modern materials. Used in an expensive interior to close part of the wall. For example, the cooking area.

How to make cheap but cheerful?

For this purpose, the duet “Wallpaper + false panel in the working area” will become indispensable.

Ideas for decorating the kitchen

So let’s see what can be done with the walls to make them look outstanding.

  • Focus on an empty wall.
  • Apply different finishes.
  • Highlight and interestingly beat the work surface.
  • Actively engage niches.
  • Divide the kitchen into sections, using different finishes.

Photo of a beautiful finish in the interior

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