Which wallpaper is more suitable for a large kitchen?

Which wallpaper is more suitable for a large kitchen?

Which wallpaper is more suitable for a large kitchen?

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, the size of the room is always taken into account. Today we will turn our attention to a large kitchen and find out which wallpaper is more suitable for it.

Before you start your choice, study the information about what types of wallpaper exist. For a kitchen of any size, modern washable wallpapers will become the undisputed leader.

Monochromatic wallpaper

For large spaces, plain light shades are most often chosen. Light gray wallpapers are a popular choice.

White wallpaper makes the space feel light and fresh.

Pastel-colored wallpapers domesticate the overall look.

You can also use any color that matches the interior of the entire kitchen. Green, blue, red seem to merge into one.

8 interesting ideas

So, let’s see what can be done with the walls in a large kitchen, showing imagination.

  • Paste one wall with colored wallpaper. Leave other walls plain. At the same time, you can glue any wall.
  • Glue part of the wall above the wall cabinets.
  • Designate a dining area.
  • For a large area, wallpaper with a stripe looks interesting.
  • We use two solid colors.
  • Wall mural will plunge the owners of the apartment into a realistic atmosphere. We choose landscapes that we like in order to immerse ourselves in pleasant energy.
  • The cell will create an unusual image. We glue all the walls completely, we find harmony with the window.
  • Geometric patterns gracefully adorn the walls, making them stylish and modern.
  • Suitable styles

    Consider the main styles that are chosen for a large room and see how the walls look in this direction.

    Minimalism. Here, monophonic canvases are more often chosen, or with small images.

    Classic. Uses classic patterns, colors to match the rest of the furniture.

    Baroque. Focus on combining with textiles. Often choose a golden hue.

    Provence and country. The most popular trend among large kitchens. Wallpapers are selected soft, light, with unpretentious drawings, or photo wallpapers. Small flowers and birds make the interior sweet and kind.

    Scandinavian style uses wallpaper with discreet and unobtrusive patterns. Makes the overall look of the room beautiful and stylish.

    Art Deco is a strict and graceful style that likes to use a black and white palette.

    Pay attention also to the new wallpaper for a small kitchen.

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