White kitchen in the interior – 150 photo ideas

White kitchen in the interior - 150 photo ideas

White kitchen in the interior – 150 photo ideas

The design of a white kitchen can be the most diverse and original. Such a room is filled with cleanliness and elegance, thanks to light airy coatings. Today we will look at the most popular examples of the design of a white headset in the interior in the photo, find out what the white color is combined with and the features of its use.

White color has more than 20 shades.

For a kitchen set, ivory, snowy, smoky colors are usually used.

And also antique white, linen, light beige.

table top

And so, first of all, let’s pay attention to the countertop. They come in different colors and are made from different materials. Most often, the choice falls on a black, white, or wooden surface. The most used materials are chipboard or MDF, thickness 2-6 cm.

White kitchen with wood countertops

Wood, a practical choice for years to come, resists transformation and gives the kitchen a finished look. Will last over 10 years. Looks noble.

With black top

A black countertop on a white background elongates the space, making the interior unique.

It is not uncommon to use it together with a dark apron, as if separating the upper and lower parts of the headset.

With white top

This is the most popular choice for white kitchen owners. The snow-white view of the entire room is mesmerizing and makes it light. In this case, colored inserts are used against a white background.

With sulfur

This decision looks concise and serious. You can beat it in different ways, create a sterile look, or, using special decorations, solemn.

Under the stone

Natural or artificial materials are used. They fit perfectly into the white set, adding a touch of luxury to the overall interior.

Example: White Stone Top

Gray stone top


If you asked yourself the question “which apron is suitable for a white kitchen”, boldly answer “any”.

Next, let’s look at a photo of aprons on a white headset in the interior. Weighted interesting solutions for owners of bright kitchens.

white apron

Fits perfectly in an already white space. In this case, a wooden tabletop will go into action.

Light patterned

Dilute the cooking area with delicate colors.


Mosaic tiles with white grout are a classic option for a white suite. A variety of shades are used – from black to light green.

Full information about tiled aprons is collected here – https://desmyhome.ru/kuhnja/plitka-dlja-fartuka-na-kuhnju-foto-idei-i-dizajn/

Gray apron

Democratic color, which is combined with any materials.

Black skinali

Add rigor and clarity. Used for loft, high-tech, art deco styles.


Enliven a faceless kitchen, visually expand the space. Therefore, it is used for small rooms.


It is a bright accent in a lifeless white kitchen.

Juicy colors

They will make the room look summery, playful and rich.

What wallpaper is suitable for a white kitchen?

White is the base for any shades. Therefore, you can use those wallpapers that will suit your taste. Let’s look at the most interesting options.

light shades

Scandinavian style wallpaper

Provence style wallpaper

Wallpaper with monograms






Wall mural

dark wallpaper

Read more about choosing wallpaper for the kitchen here – https://desmyhome.ru/oboi/oboi-dlja-malenkoj-kuhni-6-kv-m-sovremennye-idei/

Color tandems of a white headset

Choosing a white kitchen, it can be colored. The top and bottom can be made in different shades, or you can insert multi-colored cabinets in one row.

White headset

Black and white. In this option, it is most often used – white top, black bottom.

Grey-white set. White can be a table top, small inserts, legs.

Either completely white top, gray bottom.

Or vice versa

White – red. A spectacular union of contrasting cuisine.

White-brown. Chocolate, coffee shades can be used.

Usually, this is a white top, brown bottom on a glossy surface.

White-green. Green and white kitchen is used in all styles.

White-beige. Pastel colors make the atmosphere homely and calm.

White purple. This play with color is usually accompanied by light wall decoration and additional attributes. Textiles are selected in purple and white tones.

Dark white. For those who do not like the sterile white color, use its muted shades.

White-blue. Not standard and not common. By choosing this combination, your kitchen will become original.

Design and variety of styles

Next, look at the styles that are used for white kitchens.

Classic white kitchen





Modern style

Ikea Budbin

White glossy kitchen

And here read about how to choose modern curtains for the kitchen.

Photo in the interior

Fresh selection of real photos of white headsets in the interior.

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