Zoning a room of 16 sq m for a bedroom and a living room

Zoning a room of 16 sq m for a bedroom and a living room

Zoning a room of 16 sq m for a bedroom and a living room

The room is zoned into the living room and bedroom mainly in two cases. When the room is large and you want to visually give it comfort. Or if the room is small and it is necessary to place furniture for the bedroom and make a living room in it. Divide the room will help zoning space.

Today we will talk about a room of 16 sq.m, from which it is necessary to make a living room and a bedroom. You can zone a room in different ways:

  • Using different materials to create an additional partition. Often drywall is used. It is durable, reliable, easy to use, you can quickly build an additional wall or barrier from it.
  • Wall decoration using different shades and textures. This technique makes it possible to divide the space. The room can be divided into zones using paint, plaster and wallpaper.
  • The room is divided by furniture.

In a room that will be divided into a living room and a bedroom, functional furniture, studio bedrooms and transformers are most often installed.

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Zoning a room of 16 sq.m has many advantages. Small rooms make it possible to use creative ideas and divide the space into several zones. The room does not lose its functions, here you can relax and just have a good time.

Also among the advantages can be identified:

  • All major aspects of the bedroom and living room remain in the same space.
  • For design, you can use materials in the same style.
  • On sale there are furniture sets that make it possible to organize space in two zones.
  • Cozy room.

Specialists will always help to realize all fantasies, so that the room becomes comfortable, stylish.

Style selection

In order to decorate a room for a bedroom and a living room, different styles are great. The most popular, giving the opportunity to emphasize individuality and elegance:

  • Classical. Expresses conservatism, severity. The room is dominated by stylish tones, straight and clear lines. Bright colors and shades are rare. For interior decoration, natural materials are used to make the living room and bedroom look luxurious. For the classics, wood and fabric, leather and stone are used.
  • Modern. This style is suitable for those who appreciate comfort in the house. The room is done in pastel colors. The room is decorated with paintings and lamps, a carpet is laid on the floor, and indoor plants are placed on the window sills. Geometric shapes and decorations that give comfort are also welcome in the design.
  • Modern. Distinctive features of the style are overall furniture and almost no accessories. They should be modest, not flashy and defiant. In the interior, give preference to the ceiling, laminate, modern wallpaper. Furniture can be predominantly wooden. In the living room you can put a fireplace, decorate the bedroom with thick curtains of delicate shades.
  • Loft. The room, made in this style, combines rigidity and softness. The design will appeal to fans of space, useful and necessary furniture. For decoration, discreet and calm tones are used. The advantage is given to brown and beige, white and gray colors. Also, for bright accents, you can use dark red colors, orange colors. Style involves the use of modern technology, equipment, furniture.
  • Country. It makes it possible to give the room a rustic look. The design of the living room and bedroom is as simple as possible. It can be plaid textiles instead of wallpaper, wooden frames with photographs, simple wooden furniture, ceramic dishes. In order to create the impression that the residents are in a real village house, choose wallpaper that will look like bars, and parquet is placed on the floor.
  • English. It implies a careful selection of all the little things and details in the interior. Furniture should convey an aristocratic taste. Preference should be given to bookshelves, sofas made of genuine leather in the Chestrefield style. Also, the English style is emphasized by bulky chests of drawers, wallpaper in small flowers, wooden accessories, floor lamps and lamps.

Partitions for zoning space in the room

If you own a room of 16 sq.m. and want to divide the space into a bedroom and a living room, it is best to use partitions for zoning. They allow you to create two comfortable rooms.

Choose a place to sleep, which should be near the window and away from the door. If the room has one window, additional lighting can be placed in the living room.

There are several ways to divide space:

  • partitions of various types;
  • screens are installed;
  • zoned with furniture;
  • special lighting;
  • wallpaper;
  • flooring;
  • painting rooms in different colors.

Let’s talk in more detail about the zoning of the bedroom-living room, using various types of partitions.

Mobile partitions

This is a very practical option that will appeal to changeable natures. Portable partitions are ideal for zoning limited space.

Due to the variety of variations, they will be an excellent addition to the interior, which can be removed or put up when needed.

Glass partitions

This type of partition is a stationary bend that will not only complement the space, but also make it spacious and original. A lamp or a window located behind a glass partition will look especially great.

A translucent design in the rays of light will make the room deeper, richer. Partitions made of glass are used in rooms that you want to make visually wider.

Frame partitions

Giving preference to frame partitions, decide on the place where the structure will be located.

If there are two windows in the room, a jumper can be installed between them. This is necessary in order for the light to properly reach the space that will be fenced.

In a room with one window, it is recommended to install a structure that can be bypassed on both sides. The light coming from the window will be distributed evenly to the living room and bedroom.

The frame of the structure is often made of wooden beams; a metal profile is also used in the production. It is important that the fasteners for the partition frame are strong and reliable. It will be attached to the floor and ceiling, and, if necessary, to the wall.

For frame partitions, drywall is mainly used, this material is fragile, therefore the frame must be with vertical and horizontal crossbars.

A creative approach to frame partitions suggests creating niches, decorating with lighting, which will give the room additional comfort, making it comfortable.

Sliding partitions

A similar design is made from different materials.

It could be:

  • wood;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • dense fabric;
  • metal.

For small rooms, sliding partitions are the best option. The design can be assembled and disassembled, they do not take up much space. Guides for sliding partitions are often located on the floor and ceiling. If the easily transformable structure is not heavy, the rails can only be located on the ceiling.


Before installing partitions, it is necessary to consider where the furniture will be installed, its interior, so that the space is not cluttered. For the living room and bedroom, give preference to a compact and functional set that performs several functions. It is advisable to adhere to the minimalist style, using the usable space of the room where the partition will be installed.

We recommend that you refuse a large bed, even if it is wide and very comfortable. In the bedroom, which will be combined with the living room, such furniture will not be appropriate. The best option would be a folding sofa.

Compact and functional furniture will always be comfortable in a room divided by partitions into a bedroom-living room. The main thing is that it visually expands the space, emphasizes the chosen style in the interior, gives the room comfort and coziness.

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